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Los Prados Community eBlast 1/18/2021

                                        LOS PRADOS COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION

                                       EXECUTIVE (OPEN) BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                 REGULAR OPEN BOARD MEETING

                                                 Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 6:00 pm

                                               Los Prados Community Clubhouse

                                                          5150 Los Prados Circle

                                                       Las Vegas, Nevada 89130




(anyone in attendance at this meeting also is required to disclose they are recording)


III. ACCEPTANCE OF AGENDA – (Motion and second will be made to Accept the Agenda as is or add Emergency Item[s] and/or re-arrange the order of the Agenda items)


Pursuant to NRS 116.31083, every owner has the right to speak to the Board of Directors, unless the Board is meeting in Executive Session. However, except in emergencies, no action may be taken upon a matter raised under this item of the agenda until the matter itself has been specifically included on an agenda which has been either posted or distributed in accordance with this provision of State Law. The Board of Directors has established a three-minute limitation per topic, and topics are limited to agenda items only for this portion of the Discussion Period. The three-minute period has been established in order to facilitate meetings in a smooth and orderly fashion. This is a Board of Directors meeting, which are business meetings for the Board to conduct Board business. 

V. SECRETARY REPORT - (Action may be taken) (Backup)

       A. Presentation/Acceptance of December 15, 2020 Regular Open Meeting Minutes

            and blending of the January 5,2021 Open Board Meeting Minutes.(Feher)

       B. Reading of Board Resolution

VI. TREASURER REPORT – (Action may be taken)

       A. Presentation/Acceptance of Financials/Reconciliation for December 2020 Financials 

VII. GENERAL MANAGER’S REPORT – (Backup provided at meeting) 

VIII.  OLD BUSINESS(Action may be taken)

(Please note that Old Business MUST be on the Agenda from prior meetings before it can be placed under OLD BUSINESS. Old Business is NOT something that a Homeowner might have brought during Homeowner’s comments.)

        1. Opening of various bids for new Maintenance Building (Action may be taken.)

IX.  NEW BUSINESS - (Action May Be Taken on All Items Below)

        1.Illegal/Invalid contract termination during Executive Meeting November 2, 2020 - Request by Homeowner 

        2. Sustainability of the golf course. (Action may be taken.)

        3.  Pinnacle Community Association Management, CAM Manager Month to Month Contract - (Action may be taken.)      

X. CLOSING OWNERS’ COMMENT AND DISCUSSION PERIOD – (Comments may be made on any subject by homeowners)

XI. ANNOUNCEMENT OF NEXT OPEN MEETING – February 16, 2021; 6 P.M. or Possible Motion to Recess to a future date

XIII. ADJOURNMENT (or Recess if needed on any item)

In accordance with NRS 116.3108, this shall serve as notice of the Executive Board of Directors meeting for the Los Prados Community Association. Agendas may be obtained at the meeting or at the front desk.  The Association has an official bulletin board located in the hallway next to the Front Desk where all Agendas are placed.  If there are no Agendas on the front table, please ask the front desk to make additional copies if you need one. In an emergency, the executive board may take action on an item which is not listed on the agenda as an item on which action may be taken. Pursuant to NRS 116.3108.4, owners are permitted to attend and speak to the Executive board during the Owners Comment and Discussion Periods, as applicable. Please reserve your comments for those portions of the meeting. Pursuant to NRS 116.31083.4(a), owners are permitted to receive a copy of the audio recording and/or the approved minutes by making arrangements with Management. The cost of distribution of such shall be; if in electronic format at no charge, if in paper format at a cost not to exceed $.25 per page for the first ten pages and $.10 per page thereafter. The Board may meet in Executive (closed session) to attend to legal, manager, personnel, violation/compliance and delinquency/collections matters.